Organizational Workshops

Beyond being a performer, director, and teacher… Joe is also able to offer years of experience in leading workshops using improvisation to build confidence, communication skills, and workplace efficiency.

Group workshops lead by Joe are patterned after workshops utilized by Fortune 500 companies down to the smallest non-profit, from tech and sales firms to religious and school groups, government organizations to sports teams. In past years these improvisational skills have been used to reach top sales in the nation in home fiber optics working in multiple major cities across the country and have been taught to grassroots political canvassers (widely viewed as the toughest job in the world of politics) to successfully reach very challenging fundraising goals even during one of our toughest recessions. A most recent training was with federal public defenders working to improve trial skills and practice working with clients, witnesses, and jurors.

Some of the key skills developed:

  • Composure
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity

Not Just Team Building

“Team Building” can have some negative connotations and elicit feelings of apprehension from prospective participants because it can sometimes be over the top, overwhelming, and overly planned.

The main focuses in these workshops are for everyone to feel comfortable not coerced, heard not herded, and have FUN without worrying about being funNY.

Workshops can be very flexible, catering to the specific needs of the group, which can even change based on how the group is doing or feeling that day.

Rates and more details available by request.